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Mold in bedroom

Mold in NJ Home

This is the aftermath of a water supply pipe bursting and releasing steam into a vacant home. There was significant damage to the entire house and no contents were salvageable. They are in the process of gutting the house to prepare for  rebuild. We make disasters "Like it never even happened." 

Crew tearing up mold infested floor in dining room

Mold Damage/Restoration

Our crew is currently working on restoring a house that was infested with mold. Currently, they are tearing the house down to the studs so they can start the rebuild process.

Rain Rain Go Away!

Weather can be unpredictable and unforgiving, you can never be totally ready for disaster to strike. But you can relax knowing who to call in your time of need when the rain won't go away. Whether it's a light rainfall that floods your basement or a heavy storm that sends a tree through your roof, there is no job too small or too dirty for the SERVPRO team of Burlington Township/Mount Holly is here to help with all of your Water/Fire/Mold cleanup needs and we guarantee to be there so fast it's "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly specializes in commercial building damages and some may be caused by storms. Here is a photo of a flood that was caused by a storm damage and water started pouring in. Our crews came in and extracted all the water and set up dehumidifiers and fans to dry the structure. After a short three days of work everything was dry and ready for repairs thanks to our speedy team.

Taking on all Bursting Pipes!

Bursting or leaking pipes is one of the most common ways that houses get water damage. Drains and toilets that get backed up and blocked can cause undue pressure in the pipe, which then causes it to burst or leak. Garbage disposals that aren’t working properly are another common reason for pipes to burst, as are roots that grow in the yard into the sewer lines. Old or rusty pipes are also more prone to leaking. If your pipes do burst and cause water damage call SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly. They will come and fix the damage fast and efficiently, so everyone can get back to there regular lives. SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly will make sure that the room looks like it did before the water damage happened.

Certified Trained Restoration Professionals

Our team at SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly is not just a bunch of hired help. We have a staff that is highly trained in property damage restoration and cleaning. With technology constantly changing, and more efficient products always being shipped out. It is important for the trained professionals at SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly to always be one step ahead. We know how stressful any disaster can be. That's why right from the start we let all of our customers know how everything is going to be handled, and step by step updates. It is our job to leave your disaster "Like it never even happened."

How an ERP Can Benefit Your Business & Building

What is an ERP you ask, well it stands for Emergency Ready Profiles.  These are very beneficial to property manager and building engineers in large commercial buildings.  Having a ready plan in place can save your business and building. A trained professional from SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly will walk through your building with you and fill out all the information needed.  After completion all you have to do is download an App on your phone or tablet, and you have all the information one click away. These ERP's come in handy when an emergency occurs and someone not familiar with the building needs important information. Changes and updates can always be made through the App whenever they may occur.  This is all done at no charge to you or your building.  Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business.

Taking on Jobs of Any Size,and at Any Location!

There is no job to small or big for SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly. From small residential homes to large city commercial buildings.  Once we get the call it is go time. As you can see in this picture we had a water damage at a residential home on a small street filled with cars.  That would not stop our trained professionals from making it work and getting the equipment there no matter the circumstances.  We offer the best price along with the best advise.  Not only always doing the most officiant work, but never doing extra to raise prices.  You can always trust on SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly for a speedy response, followed by unmatched work.

Providing help to the First Responders

SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly appreciates all the time and hard work the first responders put into the local New Jersey townships. That's why we like to reach out and offer cases of water to all of those that put there life on the line everyday.  Not only for the community but for SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly as well.  Making sure that the work environment we are going into is safe enough. Not only do we serve the customers that call us, we look after the ones that keep us safe and also provide us with work.

Small Bedroom Fire

Here we have a small fire damage that was caused by a heater that was placed to close to the wall.  Left unattended the wall got so hot that it eventually ignited.  Luckily the homeowner did notice the fire rather quickly before, and was able to extinguish it before it did serious damage.  Although it may look like a small job the smoke, soot, and odor can cause other issues.   SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly responded to the cleanup call within  2 hours.  After removing fire damaged area of the wall soot removal was next.  Using special cleaning sponges the soot was cleaned off of the surrounding walls.  The final step was using a ozone machine to remove the smoke odor throughout the house.  After a few days of the ozone treatment and the wall repaired, SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly had the fire damage looking "Like it never even happened."

Department Store Flood

This department store flooded after a pipe on the floor above burst sending a deluge of water to the store below.  Dangerous conditions forced the store to close until the problem was fixed.  Knowing that they were losing money the longer the store remained closed SERVPRO of Burlington Township/ Mt  Holly was contacted to fix the damages.  Responding swiftly to the call SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly was able to assemble the crew and equipment needed. Moving all the products out of harms way they were than able to extract the water.  After all the standing water was removed the dryers were set in place.  After a two day period the floors were completely dried and the store was able to re-open. It is crucial as a business to reach out as soon as possible when a disaster strikes so that money is not lost from being shut down.

Winter Storm Brings Down Large Tree

After a winter storm whipped through bringing howling winds and driving snow.  This large part of a tree snapped and crashed through this home.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but the home did take a big hit.  With the temperatures in the teens and a large hole in the house, these people needed help fast.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly responded to the call immediately and began clearing all debris from the area. After the tree was removed the inside damages were taken care of along with all debris inside removed.  Finally the roof was reconstructed and the house was safe to live in once again.  The homeowners were pleased with how fast SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly responded and were able to get the damage cleaned up!

Mold Growth Behind Drywall

Here we have just a small sample of the mold that was growing behind a homes drywall.  This was discovered by SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly after a call came in for a basement flood from a over flowing toilet.  After much of the drywall was removed from water damage, is when the mold problem was revealed. While some of it may have been from the recent damage the amount of mold that was found was from past issues as well. Being that it was in the basement also makes it harder to detect, because of the musky smell the basement already has.  It is very important to make sure after any water damage that all areas are completely dry.  Mold is not always going to be in direct sight but it can cause serious health issues if not taken care of.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly was able to remove all the areas affected by the mold, and made sure the basement was properly dried.  

Fire Damage in the Attic

This imagine shows severe fire damage throughout a the attic of a home after an electrical spark.  As you can see the beams are covered in soot and charred wood.  Smoke damage is also clearly seen.  Not only is this dangerous to the structure possibly collapsing, but post a health threat if not taken care or quickly. SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly was contacted to handle the fire damage cleanup after the blaze was put out.  Luckily for this home  the wood just needed to be scrubbed rather than replaced. Using special sponges and chemicals the wood was left looking soot free.  Air scrubbers were than brought in, and the deodorization process than took place.  After 4 days or combined cleaning and odor removal SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly left the attic looking "Like it never even happened."

Freezing Temperatures and Bursting Pipes!

Here we have a shocking picture of what happens when I pipe bursts in below zero temperatures.  This was located in the basement of a home that did not have any heat circulation.  An older pipe located above the sink burst while the homeowner was away for the night.  Water rained down and over night just began to freeze on the floor and build up around the sink.  This was the result when the homeowner arrived home the next morning.  Once the water was shut of SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly was called out for this emergency.  Any damage and build up of ice was cleared up in a days time.  Although this is rare, if temperatures are cold enough it can happen! Always make sure to monitor pipes when temperatures get extremely cold to prevent anything like this from happening.  Always remember SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly can handle any job thrown our way!

Basement Ceiling Mold

This mold damage was found when a homeowner returned home after being away for a month on a business trip.  He had forgotten to shut his water off before leaving, and due to extreme cold weather a frozen pipe had burst.  Not only was there water damage, but as you can see mold began to grow as well.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly was called out to deal with the damages. The water was extracted followed by mold remediation. Unfortunately with the issue being discovered a few weeks after the incident the mold growth was severe. The ceiling needed to be removed and replaced.  After all the demolition and ceiling replacement, SERVPRO took the proper procedures to make sure the home was clear of all mold physically, as well as in the air.  It is very important when leaving you home for an extended period of time to shut off your water.  Doing it will save you a lot of pain and struggle as well as money. 

Stove Fire!

This damage shown here was the result of when the homeowner forgot to turn of the stove top, and a oven mitt caught fire because it was to close.  Not only was there major fire damage, but as shown here ash and soot covered the ceiling.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly was called out so that we could properly and effectively remove all of it.  Luckily we were contacted very quickly after the indecent and the smoke damage was easily removed within a days time.  Smoke damage that is left to sit for long periods of time can result in permanent damage.  The homeowner was thoroughly pleased with the cleanup results, after three quick days of extensive work.  So remember after always make sure all ovens, stoves and cooking devices are shut off when not present, or not in use. Do not let silly mistakes put yourself and your family at risk.

Broken Water Line Causes Mold

This picture shows significant mold growth on a wall in a residential home.  The cause of the mold growth is because, a water line running to a freezer broke sending water shooting all over the wall. With the homeowner not taking intimidate action to get the wall dry mold quickly began to spread.  Leaving mold unattended for a long period of time can cause many types of health issues.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly was eventually contacted to remove any mold damage, and check the air quality.  The mold was cleaned up in just one day, and a follow up air test days later showed no dangerous mold spores present.  Remember after any type of water damage it is very important to have it dried out right away, and properly.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt holly is always one call away ready for anything!

Hot Water Heater Flood

The result of this flooded basement was caused after a old hot water heater gave way leaving water all over the basement.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly was quick to the scene after receiving the frantic call from the residential home.  The 2 inches of water throughout the basement was extracted in a short period of time.  Whatever could be saved and restored was put to the side.  While all damaged contents were removed to be disposed properly.  After a plumber replaced the old hot water heater SERVPRO could then begin drying all the surfaces affected by the water.  Working swiftly to begin the drying process is important, so that mold growth does not begin.  The drying out took about 2 days to fully dry, and there not a damp spot to be found.  Unfortunately these accidents happen to everyone.  That's why it's important to contact SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly as soon as disaster hits.  

School Water Damage

This school suffered a water damage from the sprinkler system bursting in the middle of the night. All four floors of the school were affected by water. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly got to the job quickly and started to clean the water up so they can start the drying process. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly wanted to get in fast so the children could get back in school. The principle could not believe how fast SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly responded.

Space Heater Fire

This house caught on fire by a space heater left on after the family left for the day. If space heaters are left on they have a big chance of catching on fire. Also, space heaters can catch fire if they are placed to close to any furniture or curtains in the house. The results of this house was that the space heater was placed to close to the curtains and caught them on fire. Once the curtains caught on fire the rest of the house followed shortly after. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly was called to clean the soot and smoke damage off the walls and ceiling. The family was shocked of the results of the house. All the soot and smoke damage was cleaned up. 

Commercial Water Damage

This water damage happened from a pipe bursting on the fifth floor. The water seeped through the floor damaging two more floor below. The ceiling, walls, and carpet needed water extraction. Some of the damage was non restorable and needed to be taken out. It was a big job however, SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly got the job done. The property manager was relieved that the building looks like it did before the disaster happened.

Tree Fallen on a House

This tree falling was the result of a strong wind storm that rolled across our area. This picture was one of many houses that got hit by a tree. There was no panic as SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly was called to clean the mess up before any other damage happened to the houses. The customers were thrilled to see how fast SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly responded to the call. Once the crew got there they got right to work. Cleaning the trees up and restoring the houses to the way they were before the storm happened. The homeowners were delighted to see the outcome after everything was over. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly got all the houses back to the way they were before any trees fell.

Hot Water Heater Fire

The fire damage shown in the picture started from the hot water heater. The homeowner was shocked to find that the hot water heater started the fire. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly explained to her that hot water heaters are a common way that fires start in houses. There was significant fire damage that happened in the basement of the house. The entire wall behind and around the hot water heater was destroyed and needed to be replaced. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly got rid of the fire damage that needed to be taken out also, they cleaned the smoke and soot damage that the fire left. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly also got rid of the smell of smoke. The homeowner was extremely happy with the results.

Mold Caused by Leaking Roof

This is the aftermath of a leaking roof. The roof on the exterior of the house was missing shingles. Whenever it would rain it would sink into the wood roof. This resulted in water damage and mold damage. The homeowner finally noticed the mold and called SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly, once the crew got there they assessed the damage and treated the area that had mold. They treated it by spraying the mold so it doesn't spread to the rest of the attic. The homeowner was very happy to see the results after the job was finished. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly made it seem like it never even happened.

Kitchen Water Damage

This water damage happened from the sink over flowing and spilling onto the floor. The homeowner said that she turned the sink on to thaw food out for dinner. The homeowner then forgot that they left the sink on. Then, she left to go do something else. When she returned the kitchen was filled with water. SERVPRO was called and cleaned up the water and the damage that the water left. 

Water Damaged Floor

The damage shown here is the result of a washing machine malfunction.  Water damage affected the floor and walls beneath. Carpet had to be Pulled so that the floor beneath could be dried out along with the carpet. The bottom parts of the walls suffered from some mold growth and had to be taken out. After four days of drying out the water affected areas, the home was ready for repair. SERVPRO was able to clean up this water damage properly. Leaving another fully satisfied customer with a damage that looked "like it never even happened."

Smoke and Soot Damage in a Basement

This is all the smoke and soot buildup in a basement after a house fire. As you may know fires not only can destroy things bye burning them. Smoke and soot damage can be just as bad. Unlike the burnt down property, smoke and soot damage can be restored! SERVPRO was able to turn these walls back to there original white color in just two days work. Which is good news for the owner, because leaving soot to sit around is a health hazard. Also the longer smoke and soot remain on a surface the harder it will be to clean. So its crucial after a fire to take action quick, and get that soot out!

Graffiti Cleanup

This is what a historical building looked like after it was tagged by vandals. Graffiti isn't just a problem in the city limits it stretches all over the world. An graffiti is not something you can just wipe away an be done with. It takes proper procedures to be able to remove it. SERVPRO of Society Hill has all the right cleaning tools, an supplies to remove any size graffiti vandalism. Whether your in the city or the suburb. SERVPRO can leave your building, home, or property "Like it never happened."

Multiple Apartments Destroyed From a Fire

This is the aftermath of a fire starting in a apartment complex. The fire was started in the kitchen of one of the apartments. The fire then spread to the other apartments destroying every apartment that was connected. When these apartment complex catch fire it is hard for firefighters and personnel to put out the fire before it spreads further. Therefore, this is the usual result of a apartment complex fire. However, when these disasters happen SERVPRO will be there to help clean up and restore the fire damage to usual.

Mold Spreading in a Home

With this homeowner not taking care of their mold problem right away it spread to majority of the room, which your seeing in this picture. For mold to spread it releases spores, which can spread through air, water, or on animals. When mold spores are produced it can spread throughout a room and even throughout a house. But, SERVPRO can handle any mold job from small to big. Our team will eliminate the mold so that it will look like the mold wasn't even there.  

Kitchen Storm Damage

A fierce storm caused a tree to fall through this apartment complex. Causing some flood damage and debris to enter the building. After the storm had passed an the damage was done.  SERVPRO was contacted to clean up the mess. Removing the flood water an debris from the apartment that was hit with the tree. Whenever a storm leaves your property damaged. Just know SERVPRO is a call away from cleaning up any size mess!

Hotel Flood!

After three full days of non stop rain, this hotel was hit with a flood in their front lobby. With competing hotels right around the corner. This problem needed to be fixed immediately! With one call to SERVPRO. The restoration was under way within the hour of the call. Quick response, an the proper equipment the flood water was extracted in no time at all. The hotel was extremely pleased with the work that was done. With the quick call and response from SERVPRO The hotel was able to stay open, an keep filling their rooms with customers. If mother nature punches you. SERVPRO is always ready with the counter punch! There isn't a job that we cant handle, an leave it looking like nothing ever happened! 

Apartment Complex Fire Damage

This was the aftermath of an apartment complex fire. The apartment buildings show significant damage. Projects like these take a lot of time to recreate what was there. That is why everyone should choose SERVPRO for damages like this. SERVPRO would accomplish the job to recreate the same building as it was. SERVPRO strives to make every project like nothing even happened

Oh No! Mold Strikes Again!

After a pipe burst in this home mold damage was inevitable! The homeowner was out of town for a few days an had no idea that the pipe had burst. Not only was it causing water damage, but mold soon started to appear! Mold is not something to take lightly. It can cause many health issues, such as, nasal stuffiness, coughing or wheezing, throat, eye, and skin irritation. Luckily the homeowner contacted SERVPRO of as soon as they returned home an became aware of the problem. We were able to respond quickly, an properly cleanup the water damage followed by extracting the mold infested areas. It is very important to get rid of mold at the first site of growth! The dangers an affects grow worse the longer mold is left unattended. Don't put your health in jeopardy when SERVPRO is one call away ready to kick that mold out!

Tree Down!

After the winds have died down, and the rain has stopped pouring. There's never any predicting what kind of damage your house or business may have taken from the latest storm! When you are affected from a violent storm, SERVPRO is always prepared to step up an take on troubles you are facing. A tree crashing through your home doesn't just mean structural damage. It can also cause rain to flood your home, or even worse produce dangerous mold. At SERVPRO our quick to respond crews are ready to ship this water out, and remove any mold that may have built up. We may not be able to stop mother nature, but we sure can fix the mess she leaves behind!

Kitchen Fire

One of the most common places for a fire to occur in a home is the kitchen. Open flames,gas,grease, and human error could all factor into sparking a kitchen fire. No matter the size or damage a fire may cause, SERVPRO of Society Hill is one call away. Ready to restore your kitchen to have you cooking again in no time! Accidents can happen at anytime, an that's why SERVPRO is always prepared to come fix them!

Mold Cleanup/Removal

Mold damage is nothing to take lightly it can be a huge danger! Mold must be taken care of an removed at the first sign of it. An here at SERVPRO it just so happens to be one of our specialties! Having a mold free home is very important. So don't hesitate to call SERVPRO anytime to safely remove a mold invasion.


Just got home from a vacation like our customer did and found this, inside your home? Well do not fret and let the experts of SERVPRO of Society Hill make it all go away and have your house back to normal.

Drying Experts!

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly are the drying experts when floods or leaks happen in a home or a business. Even after a fire, the water from the fire department can also cause damage to your home. Call the experts in drying and assisting in all water damages!


Just got home from a vacation like our customer did and found this, inside your home? Well do not fret and let the experts of SERVPRO of Burlington/ Mount Holly make it all go away and have your house back to normal.

Our Crews are Ready!

Are crews are ready when a severe storm approaches or a hurricane we are on standby and ready when you need us. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

June 1 is Hurricane Season

We here in the North East experience many of the affect from nor'easterners and hurricanes. Be prepare up coming season of hurricanes that may hit the area and count on us for the clean up.

The Mold

Mold is a serious issue. Do not think of it as something that can be wipe away and then forget about. As soon as you see the first few black spot for mold make sure you call SERVPRO to remediated the source of mold growth.

Let the Professional Remove Mold Safety

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly have highly trained techs to remove all mold from your home. We recommend not to do yourself because of the possibility of the regrowth of mold spores.

When Fire Strikes!

When fires strikes your home or business call the professional to restore everything back to normal. We ensure that the aftermath of the fire damage and the water damage from the fire being put out will not hurt the structure of your home. Count on us!

Fire! Fire!

A house fire can happen to anyone even to those that think it won't happen to them. Its okay if something like this happen. You have SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly to make you home look the way it did before a fire ever happen.

Don't let leaks stop your office!

Let the professional of SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly handle this wet situation for you. We will suck up all the water from the carpets and replace any of the drop ceiling tiles that have been destroy or stain by the water.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer many great services in cleaning. One of the services we offer is deep clean and sanitation of public restroom for movie theater, museum, galleries and etc. Call us for more detail on our cleaning services.

Storm Damages

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly are the professional in cleaning up the aftermath of a severe storm and provide other services to make your home clean and safe. With mold testing that will put your mind at ease.

Mold Removal

Mold is a dangerous thing for you and your family health. Let the professional of SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly alleviate that problem and remove all the mold that may have developed from a flood or a leak from your home or business.

Mold after a leak or flood!

Mold can happen quickly if the house isn't adequately dried from a significant leak or a major flood in your home. Ensure that mess gets clean up the right way and the no mold will have a chance to grow by calling SERVPRO.

We are here for you 24/7

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly we are here to serve the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It does not matter the time or day we are here to assist you in any damage clean up of a fire or water emergency you may have.

Had a leak in the Golf Clubhouse you are managing?

SERVPRO is here to assist in any clean-ups that you may need for your business. Leaked the restroom? A kitchen fire has left your faculty in bad shape? Leave the pros of SERVPRO to help any all you need to get the business back running.

Servicing All Schools

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly are in the community to serve all Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High Schools in the area of any cleaning service or fire and water damages services. As well as servicing all the public and private school, academy and charters schools.

The Aftermath of a Bathroom Fire

The extent of damage after a fire and after the fire department has put out the fire is a big event for any homeowner. For SERVPRO it is not a problem at all. Call the professional to handle any of you fire and water damages.

Oh No! Not Another Flooded Basement

Flooding is a common thing in the area especially after several days after non-stop rain, and the ground is very saturated. The effects of constant storms are the possibility of a flooded basement. Call SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly at any time to quickly clean and dried up the basement to prevent damage belonging, structural damages and mold.

Storm Clean Up

Not only we are the experts in cleaning up after a fire or water damage, but we also assist when in cleaning up after a severe storm, hurricane or any other big natural disaster. Rely on SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly to help clean and support with any insurance claim.

Mold Testing

Ever feel sick or smell an odor out of the original? Well, you may have mold growing in your home. Here at SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly we can perform mold testing and provide you remediation that can help you and your family be happy and healthy.

Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly is the best in mold remediation. Does not matter in what area in the home will remove areas and treat of mold infestation. Never have to worry about the danger of mold in your home with use handling it.

Aftermath of a House Fire

House fires are a miserable thing to happen to a homeowner. The homeowner can rely on SERVPRO of Burlington/ Mount Holly to help restore their kitchen back to normal and take your worries away.

Restorations Masters!

Restorations Masters of SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly are proud to restore all your personal belongings after a fire. We are here to assist you with all your needs in your hardest times.

Calling All Property Managers

We are the number one leader in clean-up and restorations in residential and office buildings. When a property manager has an tenants with fire damage or water damage issues we are the ones they call on!

Strip Mall

We love helping the community in any water or fire damage! Will assisted in any facility, store, or restaurant in a strip mall! Restorations and Clean-up is what we do in helping the business save money and time.

Air Scrubber

This photo is of an air scrubber we use during mold or fire damages. It sucks in all the bad air that can be harmful or have an odor and it gets trapped in a top of the line filter and pumps out fresh air so its not as harmful or has an odor during such damages.


This photo shows an important piece of equipment we use for almost all water damages. This is a dehumidifier. It pulls all moisture out of the air and helps dry structures in an more effective way. Especially when added with fans and having the heat turned up. They are vital to an large water loss. 

Moisture Reading

Here is just one of the tools we use to see how saturated in water something may be. the picture clearly shows the wall is completely wet and will either need to be dried or replaced.

Burlington County Job Fair

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mt Holly participated in the 2013 Job Fair at the Burlington Center Mall on September 27th. Please visit our Careers section under the "About Us" tab to apply.

Fire Damage in Burlington, NJ

We were called in for a Fire Damage Inventory and were able to assist the homeowner with any questions.

Keystone Firefighters Conference

SERVPRO was a sponsor of the 2016 Keystone Firefighter Conference!

2016 Annual BOMA Golf Outing

SERVPRO was a sponsor of the BOMA annual golf outing

2016 Annual BOMA Golf Outing

SERVPRO was a sponsor of the BOMA annual golf outing

Chuck Speaks

Chuck speaking at the annual BOMA golf outing 

Keystone Firefighters Conference

SERVPRO was a sponsor at the Keystone Firefighters Conference